American Diploma & SAT test

1. A student receives from Victory College American Department the American High School Diploma which is equivalent to Egyptian High School Diploma 
by the Egyptian Ministry of Education decree No.155 for the year 2004. Students then will be eligible to apply for Egyptian universities within the %5 for 
international schools and foreign students. The school is accredited by CITA (now AdvancED) on July-2006.Students are also eligible to apply for American 
universities or universities of any other country.
2. Students take S.A.T 1 (Mandatory) and S.A.T. 2 (Optional) if they wish to enter the University for a Higher Professional Degree.
3. Students are obligated to study a total of (11) subjects during school years G11 and G12.They study (6) subjects in G11 and (5) subjects in G12.
4. In accordance with the last amendment in the Ministry of Education laws, Students must attend Arabic, Religion & civics lessons according to the ministry 
curriculum and they will be examined under the supervision of Ministry of education personnel. According to this amendment, students won't be accepted in 
facilities unless they passed.
5. The requirements for students in the American system to attend Universities will depend on a combination of grades from school and SAT results as follows:
    • 40% is allocated for the required subjects of the school.
    • 60% for the SAT1 (Reasoning) according to the student's best result of not less than 1440 out of 2400 for (public) faculties & 1200 out of 2400 in case of 
      private faculties starting from the academic year 2007-2008.
    • The student who sits for the (Subject) Test or SAT2, and receives a minimum score of 1100 out of 1600, receives an additional 15% will be added to his 
      exam marks starting from the academic year 2007-2008.

Important Notices:
    • Minimum score to pass SAT1 is1440 out of 2400 (60%). And Minimum score to pass SAT 2 is 1100 out of 1600.
    • To be eligible for universities started from the college year 2008/2009, 
    • A student must spend at least 3 years in the American system.
6. Students study the Egyptian curriculum in Arabic, Religion and Civics they must pass the Official exams in these three subjects to be eligible to apply for 
Egyptian universities although grades from these exams do not count in the students GPA .In some special cases like for students transferring from foreign 
countries, exams in Arabic, Religion & civics may be postponed until college years but students cannot graduate from colleges before passing these exams.
( Check with school administration for any change of laws regarding this matter ).
7. There are other subject areas that are graded and help to increase students GPA such as Attendance, Behavior, Conduct, Special Projects, Academic 
Competitions and Physical Education & Honors Classes.