The principal, or another adult acting at the principal's request, shall determine the appropriate consequence in
each case of student misbehavior or violation of any rules and regulations. Each student has the right to present
his or her view of the problem when the principal is determining the facts and imposing penalties.

The following disciplinary measures can be taken:
    1) The principal may talk to your child about his or her behavior.
    2) Your child may have to stay after school. School must notify parents or guardian of school detention.
    3) Your child may be removed from the regular class and assigned to a restricted location, if:
        • He or she is keeping other students from learning.
        • Your child’s teacher or administrator has tried to help your child, and it didn’t change your child’s
        • Your child’s behavior violates the Rules of Conduct.
        • If your child is removed from class, his or her teacher will contact you about the behavior.
    4) Your child may be placed on probation and warned that his or her behavior is unacceptable and must be
    5) Your child may be removed from school, in case of:
        • Suspension (Suspension means your child won't be allowed to come to school until the principal says he 
          or she can come back.)
        • Your child may be suspended for any violation of school rules, but your child must be suspended if they 
          hurt or threaten an adult in the school.
        • Your child has the right to talk about what happened before your child’s principal decides what to do 
          about his or her behavior. As parents or guardians, you will also be able to talk with the principal.

Rules of Conduct:
All students are expected to be good citizens. Students may be disciplined if school rules are not followed. 
These rules will be enforced while students are on or off school grounds (if the act is school related) and 
on school buses or at the bus stop. Good citizenship behavior includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Your child should:
    • Come to school every day, on time, unless he or she is sick or have an excused absence.
    • Listen to their teachers. Raise their hands, wait for their turn, and obey the school and classroom rules.
    • Never fight or hurt other students.
    • Never take things that belong to another person.
    • Never damage school property.
    • Stay in school during school hours and do not trespass after school hours.
    • Never play games for money.
    • Never use bad language or gestures.
    • Never tease or hurt anyone's feelings because that person is different.

(Ways in which we are different would include skin color, the way we look, the way we speak, how we learn, or whether we are a boy or girl.)

    • Never bully anyone; tell an adult if someone is bullying them.
    • Never create a disturbance during any school activity by yelling or screaming.
    • Never use a computer without an adult's permission and supervision.
    • Always wear clothing that a student in grades K-12 would be proud to wear.
    • Keep his or her hands to themselves.
    • Never bring to school any object that could hurt someone.
    • Cheating on tests, exams and assignments is forbidden and will result in parents being notified and no value
      being given for the work.
    • Students are not permitted to stay in the classrooms unattended during the breaks.
    • Chewing gum, soft drinks, juices, food, candy, etc. cannot be eaten in the class.
    • Students are not permitted to bring toys to school.
    • Students are not allowed to possess a cell phone on school property.
    • Students are not permitted to wear jewelry to school except small earrings for girls.

Tardiness Policy:
i) Tardiness to school:
    Student must report to school at 8:00 and be in the class for their first lesson at 8:15 to prepare themselves for 
    the school day. A tardy student must report to the front office. If the offence is repeated, the student will be 
    referred to the head of the department.
ii) Tardiness to class:
    - Students will not be allowed in class after the entrance of the teacher.
    - The tardy student must present an excuse slip from the teacher who delayed him/her.