Description of the school

A. Introduction
   Victory College American Department is an academically driven school for kindergarten through twelve grade students whose primary focus is to concentrate on excellence
in education and to implement technology to facilitate students’ research and means of communication through the World Wide Web.

The school is comprised of pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, Elementary stage, Middle and High school(one class each). The aim of the faculty, staff, parents and guardians at 
Victory College American Department is to establish an open, caring and safe environment, which provides experiences, opportunities and resources to promote maximum 
achievement while challenging our students to meet requirements as productive, successful and responsible individuals.

B. The community
    Victory College is located in Maadi which is a suburb south of Cairo, Egypt. Maadi is the least densely populated neighborhood in Greater Cairo, and much of the town
the townis inhabited by well-to-do Egyptians, as well as expatriates, many of whom are connected with embassies, ambassadorial residences and international corporations 
located in Maadi. The Cairo office for the USAID is also located in this suburb.

C. The History of the school
    Victory College was founded in Alexandria in 1902 to afford Egyptians, English, Arabians, Syrians, etc…. in the Middle east area, without distinction of race or religion,
the opportunity of giving their sons a liberal education in accordance with the principles of English Public Schools.      

With the progress of the War, the air-raids on Alexandria increased and became more ferocious. This made it mandatory for the College to move to Cairo were it was 
temporarily accommodated in the Italian “Allitoria” in Shoubra. This arrangement remained until the end of World War II.

In 1945, when peace was declared, the College returned to its former premises in Alexandria, but part of the students chose to remain in Cairo. Thus, two premises for the 
same college came into existence run by one administration. As time went on, it was decided to have a separate administration for each college. 

The Cairo Victoria College developed so rapidly that new premises had to be setup. So, the quiet district of Maadi was chosen as the site for the new buildings. The new 
 were next to none in magnificent design and modernity. In fact when the buildings were finally completed the college was considered by experts of education
 to be one of the three best model schools in the world. Due to the political status quo, 

On October 29th 1956, Egyptian official were forced to take over the responsibility of running the College. Mr.A.Khaki, the Dean of the English Inspectorate, was delegated
by the Ministry of Education to take charge of running the college. Eventually, the college was taken over by the National Institutes of Education and has been recently
handed over to the “Cooperative Education Corporation for National Institutes”.
Despite all the events and colorful history the college has been through, it has retained its characteristic stamp and traditions as well as its well established prestige of a first 
class educational institution. It still keeps its initials V.C.C. which originally meant Victoria College in Cairo, but which now mean Victory College in Cairo. 

Some of the most well known public figures and celebrities were ex-pupils of Victory College. Some of these socialities and V.I.P.’s are: the late king Hussein of Jordan, the 
International, Hollywood actor Omar El Sharif, and the popular Egyptian actor Ahmed Ramzi. These are only a few of the many note-worthy people who have graduated from
this educational establishment and many more will follow in the future.   

E. Safe and Orderly Environment
    Providing a safe and orderly environment for students, staff, and visitors is a high priority at Victory College. In order to achieve a school climate conducive to teaching and
learning, the entire Victory College participates. All visitors sign in upon entering the building and wear a Visitor’s Pass to move throughout the building. Students, staff, and 
parents review the Code of Student Conduct twice per year, and the school wide discipline plan is posted in all classrooms throughout the school. 

The plan clearly outlines the cooperative discipline, school rules and logical consequences. Teachers address inappropriate classroom and/or school behaviors in an
appropriate manner and receive guidance from the counselor and administration. Several proactive replica bags programs will be continued that support a peaceful and safe climate
throughout the school. These programs include the Student Safety Program that includes an evacuation plan. 

The school Safety Team will review the plan regularly to ensure that any appropriate modifications and amendments are made, and that updated versions are announced and 
that all school members are fully aware of all these changes and updates. We have A Parent’s Companion Guide which includes Student’s Rights and Responsibilities for
students from Kindergarten to elementary school. 

We also have Students ‘conduct form Called Student at Risk Referral. Teachers complete the students conduct forms to counsel students regarding undesirable behavior, and 
the School Administrators and sociologist reviews referral data monthly in order to identify trends and patterns. 

There is consistent communication between home and school. The guidance counselors: our sociologist and psychologist, supervisor of our Student’s Incentive Program, and 
class assistants are part of the special rotation, instructing each class on a weekly basis in character education and social skills. The guidance counselors also work with small
groups of students based on needs including friendship issues, anger management, problem solving, and conflict resolution. There are also classroom and school-wide incentive programs. 

F. Parental Involvement
At Victory College American Department, parent/community involvement is of the utmost importance. We have set up various instruments to make sure that the above
stakeholders are involved and knowledgeable about student achievement. Our most notable instrument is the Victory American Quarterly Wire. This is our quarterly 
newsletter that is sent home so that parents are informed about the activities that will occur during each quarter. We hold a parents meeting after each quarter 
to discuss all important issues concerning our school and our community. 

Our specialists also contribute by discussing their instructional focus. This includes the guidance counselors, music teacher, physical education teachers, and media specialist.
Victory American College administration has a page on the face book its Victory college American Department. This is a service that our parents have come to rely on to 
receive information pertinent to their child’s class, time tables, and school activities.

Also we survey parents every year to identify areas they may need assistance with in supporting their children’s education Research shows that family involvement promotes
students success.Therefore we formed our PTA started in scholastic year 2012/2013. Our PTA’s process for building successful partnerships starts with the USA Standards 
for Family- School Partenerships:

    1) Welcoming all families into the school community.
    2) Communicating effectively.
    3) Supporting students success.
    4) Speaking for every child.
    5) Sharing power.
    6) Collaborating with community.

Membership in PTA is open to anyone who is concerned with the education, health, and welfare of children and youth. Our team may include a teacher, librarian, parent, grandparent, student council president, neighbor from the community ... etc.