Qualifying Requirements for National & Private
Universities for students following the American System
The subjects of the American international department are divided into two categories. One category includes the compulsory subjects and the other category includes the 
elective subjects. The elective subjects are the ones a student chooses from to suit the faculty or university he is going to join.
Over the three years of high school: Grades 10,11,&12 the students studies the subjects required by the university he is planning to join. The grades the student scores 
during these three years make up only 40% of the final grade. The remaining 60% are calculated out of the SAT examinations which the student starts sitting for during 
Grade 11 for six times and can go on re-sitting for it all through the grade 12 if he needs to raise his score.
The SAT Examination is made up of English Language and Mathematics. It is the only examination which is sat for on an international level outside the school. Private 
Universities require a minimum SAT score of 1200 out of 2400. Government Universities require a minimum score of 1440 out of 2400.
There is another set of optional examinations called SAT II. The score of these examinations is added as extra marks over the final total percentage. The total grade of 
any SAT II examination is 1600. The student is expected to score not less than 1100 to pass. 15% of the student's score is added to his final percentage.
To calculate the final percentage of the student's performance at the end of high-school, three subjects are to be chosen from Grade 11 and five out of grade 12 + the 
final SAT Score + (optional) the SAT II score.
N.B.: 5% of all the seats of university over all the Republic of Egypt are dedicated to the foreign certificates. 2.5 of this percentage are dedicated to the American 
Diploma Students. This means that the density of students on the allotted seats is low thus required percentage for admissions are lower than those of the national system.

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