We believe that:                   
    1) Students are unique in their needs, thought processes, learning styles and
       will be motivated in different ways.
    2) Parental support and involvement is necessary to motivate students’ for
       optimum success in education.
    3) When desire and vision are involved we believe that, giving the
       opportunities, a student can learn and achieve with success.
    4) Students deserve a more equitable distribution of all allocated funds 
       at all levels.
    5) It is essential for each educator to demonstrate genuine concern and care
       for each student and show desire for each student to learn.
    6) Students learn to be productive citizens, given a stimulating environment
       enough time and the right opportunities.
    7) Self-esteem and self-respect are critical for a fulfilling life.
    8) We believe in integrated curriculum, using a team approach, to 
       demonstrate the relevance of each subject.
    9) The best learning process when students and staff are motivated to strive
       for excellence.
    10) Students are entitled to a socially, emotionally, physically safe learning
    11) Visions and goals are guided by values.
    12) Changes offer an opportunity for growth.
    13) Consistent rules and discipline, positive values and social skills are
        necessary for all individuals.
    14) After given opportunities, everyone is accountable for their own 
    15) Through continual communication, cooperation, and follow through,
        schools will develop progressive educational plan of academic