1. Uniform:
 • VAC uniform is bought from a shop appointed by the school.
 • Students are not allowed to attend classes or step onto the school premises without wearing the school uniform.
   A student is either sent back home to change after contacting his parents, or is detained in the detention-room
   until school is dismissed.
 • VAC Uniform reflects the student’s respect for his/her school and he/she should take pride in the identity it
   provides him/her.
 • A uniform should be worn: complete, clean, and neat.
 • Uniforms have been chosen to be elegant, casual in style for the comfort of the students. Thus, uniforms ought 
   to be the right size to ensure its proper intended function.
 • Remember that a uniform helps economically by saving the students extra expensive dressing clothes.
   A uniform helps to economize in time-consumption by sparing the students and the parents the time wasted in 
   deciding what to wear for the day. Besides, most important of all is that a uniform makes all of our students,
   from different economical and cultural backgrounds, look equal. No one is allowed to show off except in 
   his/her academic achievement.

All students should follow the school dress code as follows:

    1) Navy blue slacks or trousers.
    2) Yellow polo T-shirt with navy blue collar for summer.
    3) Yellow sweatshirt with navy blue collar for winter.
    4) Navy blue hoodie jacket.
    5) Black shoes.

 P.E. Uniform:

    - Navy blue training suite.
    - Yellow T-shirt.        
    - Sneakers.

    P.S.: All the uniform should have the school logo on it.
    • Girls are not allowed to wear any jewelry, nail polish or fancy hair accessories.
    • Caps are not allowed in the class or anywhere on the school premises.

2. Attendance Policy:
It is vitally important that students attend school and classes on a regular and punctual basis. Every class is very important and should not be missed without a very good reason. If a student must be absent, or tardy, the following are some general guidelines:
1) A phone call or note in advance from the parent or guardian to the teacher is helpful to assist in planning.
2) A note to the homeroom teacher should be submitted by the second day after the absence, or the student is 
   subject to a school detention.
3) Students must provide each of their teachers with advance notice if they will be absent because of 
   a school-related activity.
4) Students who arrive at school late or leave early must sign in/out at the office.
5) Teachers will enter a mark of '0' for any forms of evaluations missed due to an absence. This '0' will be replaced with an actual mark once the student has completed the evaluation upon their return to that class.
6) Student who is absent for more than three days will not be allowed to attend class without a letter from 
   a doctor.
7) A student is given two tardiness per quarter, on the third tardy and each succeeding tardy a detention will 
   be given

Victory College-American Dept. is determined to ensure good student attendance.

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