1. Field Trips Rules:
• The school uses school buses during field trips.
• Students participating in any field trip must return to school the permission slips prior to each trip for parent 
• Students are not allowed to leave school campus without their parents' permission.
• Parents, please contact your child's teacher, if you wish to assist with any field trip.

2. Homework Rules:
In case of absence:
    • Students or parents may request makeup homework on the second day of absence.
    • Ask your teacher about any problem, you faced while doing your homework.
    • Students review the homework guidelines with their teacher in the classrooms.

3. Library Rules:
• Students must abide by library rules and regulations.
• Students are expected to enter the library in a quiet and respectful manner.
• Food and drinks are not permitted in the library.
• Speak quietly so you don’t disturb students who are reading or studying.
• Treat the books and other material with care.
• Ask for help if you can't find what you want.
• Return books on time.

Check out Rules:
    • Student may check out a maximum of two books at one time.
    • Students may borrow books from the library for 2 weeks maximum.
    • Students and parents are reminded to look for borrowed books that are not returned on time.
    • The students will be charged for the purchase price of the books that are reported missing.

4. Computer Lab. Rules:
• Be respectful, responsible, and ready to learn.
• Make sure that you follow your teacher's safety instruction.
• You are responsible of the device you are using during the class.
• Check devices for any damage before using it, and report any problems to your teacher.
• Students who wish to use the computers are required to use them during scheduled times and to follow these
• Computers are available for classroom use and other educational activities.
• Operate the equipment properly and give care to all component (headphones, mouse, etc…) report problems
• Don’t access non-school email. / No downloads.
• Print only with permission.
• Keep your eyes on your screen and don’t bother people sitting around you.
• The desktop picture, screensavers, and other settings on your computer should be left.
• Make sure you closed all windows, log out and push in your chairs when you leave.
• Food and drinks are not permitted in the computer lab.

5. Playground Rules:
• Fist fighting and pushing are not allowed.
• No throwing of rocks, sand or dirt.
• Playing in designed areas.
• Obeying rules of safety in games and in use of playground equipment.
• Refrain from the use of inappropriate language in the playground.
• Speaking in English is required at all time.
• The school tuck shop is opened to satisfy the needs of our pupils.
• Students must stand in line and buy what they need to during break times only.
• Listen to and obey playground supervisors immediately.
• Students can ask teachers on duty or supervisors for help anytime.

6. Bus Rules:
Schedules for bus riders are available to parents at each school prior to the opening of school.
All kindergarten students riding regular afternoon school buses are to be met at their bus stop by
(Parent or Guardian or Student in 7th grade or higher)

Bus riders should follow these guidelines:
    • Refrain from crossing or playing on private property.
    • Cooperate with the safety patrols and obey the bus drivers.
    • Arrive at the bus stop five to ten minutes before the scheduled pickup time.
    • Remain seated and talk quietly after boarding the bus.

7. Eating Rules:
• No food is allowed inside classrooms, only during snack time.
• No food or drinks in the hallways.
• No school delivery.
• Please, put your child's lunch in lunch box or bag.
• Students should keep the area around the canteen clean and dispose of trash.

8. Lost and Found Rules:
• Lost and found items are safely kept in a box with the responsible teacher.
• The school is not responsible for any loss/ damage of any expensive items.
• Wallets and purses are kept by the administration.

9. Student Safety and Wellness:
The Student Safety and Wellness (SSAW) Program is dedicated to promote prevention and early intervention
for violence and drug use in our community through: 
    • School-Community Coalitions.
    • Raising public awareness of trends.
    • Education programs for students and parents.
    • Training for school staff, students, and community members.
    • Support for school-based programs.
    • Linking school and community resources.
    • Prevention Curriculum.
    • Community information meetings.
    • Communication/partnership with law enforcement agencies.
    • Student drug education intervention seminar.
    • Peer Mediation.
    • Conflict Resolution training.

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