To cope with the present international condition, and to have our up-coming generations well equipped for 
their future lives  on this planet, new horizons have to be introduced into their educations that promote the 
awareness and understanding of other global cultures. Students that are introduced to versatile cultures not 
only learn how to understand and sympathize with them but also learn how to become tolerant towards people 
who differ in traditions, customs,and priorities in life. 

    If human beings all over the world understood each other through culture understanding this world would be 
far much better place to live in. It is also worth mentioning that students who are introduced to versatile cultures
have a better understanding of human nature and learn that there are more than one way to see the world and that
they all correct if seen through their own context.

    To meet all the above mentioned demands of our present day world, Victory College in Maadi has introduced 
The American International System of Education in which students will be introduced to the American culture 
and way of thinking while still maintaining their faith in their native one.

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